Chiesa di San Barnaba

The church of St. Barnabas was built in 809 by the Adorni (or Adami) family. It was destroyed by fire in 1105 and rebuilt on the alms of the faithful. It was consecrated in 1350 by two bishops; Francesco Mociense of the Minorite order, and Agnellino Sudense of the Predicatory order. Falling down from age, it was repaired, and then completely renovated in 1776 to a design by Lorenzo Boschetti. In 1810 the parish became a subsidiary. The “Campo di San Barnaba” presented a solemn spectacle on 29th January 1441, when there arrived from S. Samuele across a bridge of boats, the famous cavalcade coming to the wedding of Jacopo Foscari, the son of the doge Francesco, and Lucrezia Contarini. The prince appeared to welcome his daughter-in-law and went to the church to hear mass. After lunch on the same day, there docked at S. Barnaba a bucentaur carrying 150 women, accompanied by many palischermi and all the boats of the quarter to conduct the bride to the Ducal Palace where there was a great feast and celebration until late at night.

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