Ca’ Rezzonico

The Rezzonico, of ancient and noble Como blood, were admitted to the Venetian patriciate in 1687 in the persons of the brothers Quintiliano, Abbondio and G. Battista, who offered the Republic 100.000 ducats. The glory of the Rezzonicas reached its peak in 1758, when, on the 5th July, Carlo, the son of G. Battista, rose to the position of Pope under the name of Clement XIII. The Republic was jubilant, and knighted D. Aurelio, the brother, and D. Lodovico, the nepehew of the Pontiff, and also raised D. Aurelio to the dignity of the Procuratore of St. Mark. The Palazzo was begun by Baldassare Longhena in the middle of the 1600s for the Priuli-Bons. The Palazzo Rezzonico was chosen as the site of festivals to enliven the visit of the Emperor Giuseppe II in 1769. It was given over to an accademy of music and song, financed by public funds, with 110 students from 4 conservatories.

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