Michele Doardo

I wanted to arrange an event with a difference aimed towards those people who like enjoy to the real atmosphere of a Venecian masqued ball . but who like me might be looking out the usual My ball " The Other Side of the Mask " will take place on Saturday 1st of March in a private theatre near San Marco. The intention is create a very exclusive costume ball with a real party atmosphere where people can really enjoy the evening and let the hair / wigs! down. The ticket price to the evening is set at a level not to make profits but to cover the costs and I hope make a donation to a charity. I settled on the price of 180 euro to cover the gala dinner and the animations during the evening. My aim is to create something different and have a lot of fun with the 'right kind of people'.

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  • L’altro lato della maschera

    [ 1 March 2014 20:30 to 2 March 2014 04:00. ]  In una delle città più romantiche del mondo, vivete una notte unica e irripetibile durante la festa più importante dell’anno e in un contesto senza paragoni…L’altro lato della Maschera, un’esperienza senza peccati dove tutto sarà lecito di cui non vi pentirete mai.Ho deciso di chiamare questo evento “L’altro lato della Maschera” poichè volevoconvogliare il sentimento che […]