Publishing activity

To read is a right for all. With this spirit OMNIA OFFICE, already engaged in the Web field with the promotion of standards and accessibility with thematic portals (through which issues the Portale di Venezia®), and with the development of Web-based solutions, has decided to start publishing in order to produce innovative and accessible works. Thanks to the use of the Tetralibro™ format, a first-time utilization from the Italian International Webmasters Association (association of expert developers in accessible materials), OMNIA OFFICE has been able to achieve a text with a CD-ROM that contains three different digital versions to guarantee the readability even to people with visual (visually handicapped or blind) and motor disabilities, as well as those users that use mobile peripherals (hand-held computers).

All the texts produced by OMNIA OFFICE are packaged using the innovative system Tetralibro™, that is to say the supply of texts come in the following formats:

  • Printed on quality paper with high definition;
  • Accessible Adobe Acrobat;
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict with respect to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 1.0 and Italian law 4/2004
  • Microsoft Reader 1.0.

Pax Tibi, Avogador Meus

Venice, winter of 1579. The Avogador de Comun, Sier Paul Priuli, of noble lineage, Magistrate of the Most Serene Republic, inquires into a series of crimes that have occurred in the city, assisted by his doctor – Hebrew astrologer Abraham of the Veronese, poet Veronica Franco and courtier Tiziana Orio. The conspiracy develops between intrigues of state with an unexpected dramatic turn of events in the Venice Renaissance, to the height of its own economic and political power.

The return of the Avogador, after successfully obtained from the published publication from Hobby & Work, marks the beginning of a new series of historical thrillers in TetraLibro™ modality: Pax Tibi, Avogador Meus is the first thriller in the world accessible to all, independent of the disability.

In appendix of the book is presented a historical Venetian recipe "Flavor of Grape with White Garlic served with Sturgeon" drawn from Antonio Bufi, Chef of "The Bistrot de Venise", so readers can get a taste of the dishes served to the Venetian nobles of the time.

The book has obtained the moral sponsorship of the City of Venice, which is actively engaged in innovative publishing in the field of accessibility of texts, and can be considered the first non-technical text in accordance with the law of the 22 previewed technical requirements from law 4/2004; the accessibility of the digital versions has been verified through the OSI (Observatory of Internet Sites) commission of the Italian Union of the Blind.